Bosch 18V Bandsaw Prototype Paint

02 Dec
Bosch 18V Bandsaw Prototype Paint

Bosch Power Tools was working on a new 18V portable bandsaw prototype. In order to get potential buyers interested, they arrange meetings to show their upcoming products for the future. Portability is key in the power tool industry these days. This was sure to be a big hit among tool guys all over the country once this tool hit the store shelves. However, in the real world, projects don’t always stay on track. They had an important meeting coming up and had only this tool sample available for the meeting. This sample needed to represent Bosch, so walking into the meeting with the latest engineering sample was out of the question. I had two days to transform the unattractive prototype into a tool that would pass as a standard Bosch tool. Obviously, it wouldn’t be an exact match to the actual manufactured product, but the it would need to be close. That included the various stylized rubber grip design that is symbolic to all other Bosch tools. Check out the gallery for this 48 hour turnaround…

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