Dremel Battering Ram

19 Jan
Dremel Battering Ram

It’s that time of year again….Dremel called me last week and asked me to work on a new project for their upcoming North American Sales Conference. This years project: a Battering Ram. I didn’t get many details, outside of a material list, a picture of their original concept, and the usual “just make it look cool.” Done and done. The battering rams would have to have wheels because they would be traveling down a track or ramp and would end up hitting something. What was the something? I have no idea……those details weren’t necessary because they weren’t given to me. Outside of the generic list of materials given to the teams, the one specific requirement was that all battering rams had to have a specific place for a

standard size brick. The brick would act as a weight that would help put some additional weight behind the battering ram as it traveled down a ramp. I needed to build a sample or two to demonstrate some possible options of what a battering ram could look like. After all, it didn’t have to look like it came out of the medieval history book, did it? Well, that’s what I thought, and that’s why I decided to make mine a bit more modern. I had just a couple days to get my ideas together after a quick chat over the phone and email. As usual, the sales reps would be put into teams of 12. As a team, they would have a specific amount of time, materials, and tools in which to build their battering ram. After that, some sort of contest would take place. Since I have no details on the contest, even though I have a feeling it involves hitting something, I’m kind of interested to find out what will take place. I guess I’ll just have to wait till the end of the week to find out. Check out the material list and my ideas below.

1/4″ Threaded Rod – 2′ : This is used for the axels of the battle ram.
1/2″ Conduit – 16″ : This will be used to put the axels in.
Washers: They will use these on the axels for the wheels to spin
1/4″ Nuts: They will be used to tighten the wheels on the axels
1″x 8″ Pine – 2′ : This should be used for the base of the battle ram.
Thick Wood Rod/Post – 2′ : This will be the ram portion
Brick: The teams will put the brick on the battle ram to weigh it down.
Plywood – 1/4 sheet : This will be used to cut the wheels.
1/4″ Conduit Clamps – 4 : These are used to fasten the conduit to the base of the battle ram. They are screwed into the base.
1″x 2″ Wood – 6′ : This is used to build the body of the battle ram
2x 4 Wood – 4′ : This is used to build the body of the battle ram
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