Stools for my niece and nephew…

05 Jun
Stools for my niece and nephew…

Three years ago our family was blessed with a second set of twins, my niece and nephew. They’re growing up pretty fast and it seems like just yesterday they learned to brush their teeth on their own! How time flies! Last weekend I finished a new stool for them to use in Grandma’s kitchen, bathroom and any other place needed to be reached by a three-year-old. They are made of poplar wood because it paints very well. I used latex paint for the version with the red seat and oil-based paint for the two that have a double step. I originally made two stools for both of them to use when they got older, but have since received complaints from my niece that neither of them is pink. Did I mention that she is only three? Their daddy loves Lamborghini’s and their uncle loves Ferrari’s, so at the time, themed stools seemed like a good idea. Red for Ferrari, and black for Lamborghini. My nephew loves red, thanks to his uncle, and my nieces loves pink. I assure you that a pink version of the following red and white stool is in the works. Enjoy!

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