Skil Builds Memories At Lowes

29 Apr
Skil Builds Memories At Lowes


Skil Power Tools was looking for a new way to promote an upcoming tool special at Lowes home improvement stores during the Father’s Day weekend. The theme was called “Building Memories” and it was meant to bring families together to build something together. This particular promotion would be showcased on an end cap in the tool section; prime real estate for any brand name. There were several brochures that had instructions on how to build certain projects that could be easily completed, using the tools provided in the tool kit. The projects were pretty simple and each brochure listed the tools needed as well as the kinds of materials needed to complete the project. All materials, of course, could be purchased at the store. I built some of these projects for Lowes stores in the central midwest part of the country. I picked the bag toss boards and the birdhouse to build for the stores because I thought they would best represent the project promotion. The birdhouse was built to scale using the actual dimensions found within the brochure. I scaled down the bag toss boards because they simply wouldn’t fit on the end cap. Check out the pics in the gallery below.

Descriptions of the progress can be found by clicking on “permalink” below any of the images in the gallery.

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